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     Wenling Xinnuo Motor Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production of various small and medium-sized motors. The products mainly include three-phase & single-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor, ultra-efficient motor, MY/ML aluminum frame single-phase asynchronous motor, YC/YCL, YL single-phase motor, YE3, Y3, Y2, Y series three-phase asynchronous motor, MS aluminum frame three-phase motor, high voltage motor, YD series multi-speed motor, YDT series three-phase consequent-poles motor, YCT series electromagnetic speed regulating motor, YVF2 frequency control Motor, YEJ electromagnetic brake three-phase asynchronous motor, JY single-phase asynchronous motor, water pump motor, NMRV reducer and other products. The company can also provide customized products according to customer needs.


  The company is located beside the 104 National Highway of Wenling City. The company has established a streamlined, efficient and flexible production organization command system, now we has administrative department, production department, purchasing department, sales department, technical department, quality inspection department and finance department. The company has seven production and supporting workshops including punching workshop, weaving workshop, precision workshop, installation workshop, painting workshop, packaging workshop and storage workshop. With annual production capacity of more than 200,000 three-phase motors and more than 100,000 single-phase motors, the products are exported to Southeast Asia, Germany, Italy, Poland, UK., France, Middle East, South America, Africa and other countries. And widely used in new energy vehicles, air compressors, washing machines, machinery and equipment, textile machinery, water supply equipment, fans and other industries. Among them, permanent magnet synchronous motors are new drive products with wide range, high efficiency and high power density, and have broad market prospects.



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      The company attaches great importance to quality management, successfully passed the BSEN ISO9001:2008 quality system certification, and passed CE, SGS, CCC and other related product certification, with a sound quality inspection system and product quality assurance capabilities. Actively implement the modern scale enterprise management mode, continuously update the testing and equipment performance, continuously improve the technical parameters of the testing center, and strictly implement the ISO9000 quality system management.    


      We would like to present the best product quality, the most preferential price the most thoughtful pre-sale, sale and after-sale service, cooperate with friends from all overseas company, and let us achieve long-terms business!


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